HOW TO: Debug RockSolidSQLAgent issues

NOTE: This section relates to the RockSolidSQLAgent not the RockSolidAgent.  Please ensure you are using the right debug guide for the component you are having issues with.

ISSUE: On Startup the RockSolid SQL Agent reports that it cannot access the instance list due to ConfigurationManager unable to start

This is caused when the configuration file is incorrectly formatted or has invalid characters located within it.  Please correct the configuration file.

ISSUE: On Startup the RockSolid SQL Agent reports that it cannot access the instance list due to file not found

The configuration file for the RockSolidSQLAgent does not have the correct path to the RockSolidAgent temporary directory.  Correct the configuration file.

ISSUE: The RockSolidSQLAgent reports it cannot connect to an instance.

Verify the configuration in RockSolid for the instance is correct, and that RockSolid is able to successfully connect.  If the RockSolid application cannot connect it will be unlikely that the RockSolidSQLAgent can connect.

ISSUE: The RockSolidSQLAgent is running jobs on some but not all target instances

If you have multiple RockSolidAgents within an environment you may require multiple RockSolidSQLAgent installations.  A single RockSolidSQLAgent installation can only access instances configured for monitoring on a single RockSolidAgent.

ISSUE: The RockSolidSQLAgent is not running tasks configured as jobs on SQL Server Web, Standard and Enterprise Edition

This is by design, the RockSolidSQLAgent will not attempt to execute scheduled tasks on editions of SQL Server that natively support the Microsoft SQL Server Agent. 

ISSUE: Jobs start later than their scheduled time.

This is a usage consideration of the RockSolidSQLAgent.  Jobs may not start exactly on time when scheduled and may be delayed for several reasons.

ISSUE: The RockSolidSQLAgent does not execute non-SQL job steps

This is a current limitation of the RockSolidSQLAgent.  It will only execute TSQL job steps.

ISSUE: Executing sp_help_job in MSDB shows the last run time correctly but not the next run time

This is a limitation of the current implementation of the RockSolidSQLAgent.  As the MSDB SQL Agent subsystem is not enabled these values do not update.

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