HOW TO: Configure the RockSolid SQL Agent

Please ensure you understand the implementation considerations of the RockSolidSQLAgent prior to deployment.

Configuration Parameters

The RockSolid SQL Agent has a single configuration parameter.  This is the directory of where the RockSolidAgent temporary working directory is located.  This is typically a directory on the same host (if the host is also running the RockSolidAgent service) or path to a network location if the RockSolidAgent is running on another host.

Configuration is made directly in the RockSolidSQLAgent.exe.config file and should have the structure as shown here:

<?xml version="1.0"?>



    <add key="agenttemppath" value="c:\agenttemp\" />


<startup><supportedRuntime version="v2.0.50727"/></startup></configuration>

Replacing the value attribute with the appropriate path.

RockSolidSQLAgent Service Account

The RockSolidSQLAgent service must run in the context of a domain service account.  Typically this is the same account used to run the RockSolidAgent service.

If this is a different service account then the RockSolidSQLAgent serivce account must have:

  • Rights to read files in the RockSolidAgent temp directory.
  • The necessary rights to connect to all the target SQL instances
  • The necessary rights to undertake job actions required when executing the predefined tasks
  • The necessary rights to update MSDB system tables


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