SETTING: Check Cluster on Non-Preferred Node

This setting instructs RockSolid to check if the current cluster virtual instance is on the preferred underlying host node.  This allows you to be aware of cluster fail overs that have occurred and virtual instances that are not currently running on the nominated preferred node.  This setting applies to:

  • SQL Server shared disk clusters
  • SQL Server availability group clusters

For this option to take affect, the preferred cluster node must be configured in the virtual instance settings in RockSolid manage instances screen.


For this option to take affect, the Monitor Instance Availability option must be configured to true.  Once this has been enabled, you can set the "Check Cluster on Non-Preferred Node" option to either on or off.  If on, RockSolid will check that the virtual instance is on the preferred node.  If off, then RockSolid will not perform this check.

This option has no affect on non-clustered SQL Server instances and will be ignored.

Example: Checking of Preferred Node Enabled


Example: Checking of Preferred Node Disabled


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