SETTING: Memory Allocation - % of OSE Memory

This setting tells RockSolid that this instance should be configured to at least this minimum % of available OSE memory.  Instances with less than this allocation will raise compliance alerts.

NOTE: This setting is affected by the "Split Equally Between Multi-Instances" option, where the configured minimum % will be equally divided by the number of instances on a given OSE that are being monitored by RockSolid.


It is common to set a fixed upper memory limit for a SQL Server instance.  However, over time as instance hosts are upgraded it is also common for memory available at the OSE level to be increased.  When this occurs the administrator may neglect to re-configure the SQL Server instance upper memory limit, essentially under-utilising the available memory on a dedicated SQL Server host.

This RockSolid setting allows administrators to automatically identify these occurrences by ensuring at least a minimum amount of the OSE memory is allocated to the hosts SQL Server instances.  Once any compliance alert is raised, the administrator can either:

  • Use RockSolid to adjust the memory allocation to the SQL Server instance(s), correcting the configuration compliance; or 
  • Change the RockSolid policy for the relevant instance(s) to specify an exception to this memory allocation rule thereby closing the RockSolid compliance alert.


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