SETTING: Locked Change Mode

If this setting is disabled, RockSolid will escalate events which correspond to an error, compliance-issue, failure or performance issue into service requests for investigation and resolution.  By default, user initiated changes are not raised as service requests.  This means users can add & remove the following objects without raising service requests:

  • Databases
  • Logins
  • SQL Agent Jobs

In Locked Change Mode the the relevant Instance(s) are considered to be under strict production change control.  In this mode any user initiated change, including those which affect the objects above, will raise a Service Request of type unexpected change.  This will alert the support team to the occurrence of unexpected change in their environment.

The correct procedure for initiating change in this environment is to, during the change window either:

  • Disable the Locked Change Mode for the duration of the change window
  • Raise a Planned Outage service request that covers the duration of the change window, which is configured to ignore user initiated change

In bother scenarios, user initiated changes are still captured by RockSolid and logged as RockSolid Events, however during the authorised change windows these events are no escalated as Service Requests.

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