HOW TO: Raise Performance Alerts From Baselines

Baselines are generated by RockSolid for each instance and for each performance metric being monitored by RockSolid.  Baselines are useful for performance issue investigation and also determining if a performance issue may be occurring.

RockSolid's approach to alerting based on baselines is to group performance metrics into groups based on the type of resource they are measuring.  RockSolid will then examine the level of variation of the group of metrics to the aggregate baseline to determine if there is indication of a performance issue.

Configuring Performance Baseline Alerts

To configure performance baselines:

  • Navigate to the relevant level in the instance hierarchy and click the Settings tab to view the policy settings.
  • Click on the Performance sub-tab and locate the Baseline heading.
  • In order for baseline alerts to fire, baselining must be configured.

To enable baseline alerts:

  • Set the Baseline Alerting option to on.
  • Add each Baseline Category you wish to alert on with the relevant Baseline Sensitivity setting.

Once added, save the policy settings after which baseline alerts will be enabled.

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