HOW TO: Raise Service Requests for Failed SQL Agent Jobs

RockSolid can raise service requests in real time when SQL Agent jobs fail.  This allows your DBA team to become aware of failed jobs and take necessary action.

Raising Failed Job SRs

To allow RockSolid to raise service requests when jobs fail perform the following steps:

  • Navigate to the relevant level in the instance hierarchy.
  • Choose the Settings tab to view the instance policy.
  • Choose the "Instance Management" sub-tab.
  • Find the "Instance Job Analysis" tab and enable the "Analyse Instance Jobs" option.
  • If there are certain job categories that you wish to ignore in your job analysis, you can add these to the excluded Category list.  To do these enter the job category name and click "add".

By default RockSolid will only raise service requests for jobs that are either un-categorised, or are part of the build in categories relating to database maintenance, replication or log shipping.

If you also wish to raise job failure service requests for user defined SQL Agent job categories then enable "Analyse User Job Categories".  To exclude user defined categories add them to the excluded list above.

 Excluding Individual Jobs from Failed Job Analysis

You can exclude individual jobs from raise job failure alerts by configuration at the job level.  To do this:

  • Navigate to the relevant instance
  • Proceed to the job filter screen by click the job count on the instance overview panel
  • Find the relevant job and click the edit button
  • On the Configuration tab check the "Exclude from Job Analysis" option.

Once saved, subsequent failures of this job will not raise service requests within RockSolid.

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