HOW TO: View SQL Server Wait Statistics

RockSolid captures SQL Server wait stats as part of routine monitoring.  This information is made available in the RockSolid UI.

Viewing SQL Server Wait Values for a Date Range

You can view SQL Server wait statistics from the RockSolid UI for a specific date range.  The figures shown are the aggregate of all waits incurred during the specified dates.

To view the aggregate wait statistics perform the following steps:

  • Navigate to the relevant instance
  • Click the Analysis tab
  • Click the "Analysis Tables" sub tab
  • Choose the "Wait Statistics" from the analysis table drop down
  • Enter the required start and end dates
  • Click Show to view the statistics

Within this view you can sort by wait type and wait time values.

View Wait Stats by Category

Individual Wait Stats relating to the same resource are combined into wait stat categories.  These can be viewed via the Ad-hoc tab and the RockSolid Issue Visualizer.

  • To view Wait Stats by category navigate the relevant instance and select the Analysis tab.
  • On the Ad-hoc tab choose one of the Wait Stats categories from the drop down
  • Choose the relevant date range and click the Refresh button.

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