HOW TO: Generate SQL Login Scripts

RockSolid monitoring captures all details of SQL Server logins. This information allows you to reverse generate login creation scripts, for example, if you wish to create logins on DR nodes or re-create a dropped login. This information is stored in an audit trail format which allows you to create login details as at a particular date/time.

To Generate SQL Login Scripts

To generate SQL login scripts perform the following steps:

  • Navigate to the relevant instance for which you wish to generate the scripts via the Manage -> Instances screen.  Click on edit to view the script details.
  • Click on the Script tab to view the script options screen.
  • Choose "Logins" from the script option drop down.
  • Leave the "As At Date" as default if you wish to generate the current login details or select a prior date for scripting logins from an earlier period.
  • Click the Script button to generate the login script.

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