HOW TO: Detect Long Running Queries

RockSolid monitors queries executing in your SQL Server environment and can raised alerts when long running queries are detected.

Enabling Long Running Query Alerts

To enable long running query alerts navigate to the relevant level in your database hierarchy and click on the settings tab to view the database level policy.

  • Within the policy click on the Performance sub tab
  • Locate the Database Usage Heading
  • Enable the "Long Running Query Analysis" option
  • Enter the number of minutes after which a query will be considered long running in the "Query duration (mins)" text box.  If you leave this blank RockSolid will determine this for you (based on historical executions).

Once enabled RockSolid will raise long running query service requests.  These requests can be routed to the operational DBA team for resolution or bound to an automation process for automated investigation and/or resolution.

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