HOW TO: View Database Backup History

Database backup history is collected and retained within the RockSolid central repository for the specified retention period.  This information can be viewed on demand via various methods described in this article.

Viewing Recent Backup History

To view recent database backup history this can be achieved through the RockSolid UI.  To do this:

  • Find the relevant instance via the Manage -> Instances screen.
  • Click on the "Databases" tab then drill into the relevant database.
  • On the "Overview" tab choose the "Recent Backups" sub tab to view recent database backups.

The "Recent Backups" tab shows at least the 10 most recent full, differential and log backups for the selected database.  This screen will show more backups if you are performing database backups to disk via RockSolid Automated SQL Server backups, and those backup files are still on disk.

Backup History Reporting

Various Backup related reports are available in the RockSolid reporting library for on demand or scheduled execution.  To view these reports:

  • Navigate to the Reports -> RockSolid Reports page
  • Choose the relevant level from the "Report Level" drop down.  This sets the scope of the report.  In this example we will choose instance level to run the report for a selected instance.
  • Choose the "Recoverability" option from the "Report Category" drop down to filter only recovery related reports.
  • Click Refresh to filter reports

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