HOW TO: Report on the last SQL Server Full Database Backup

Regardless of backup method, RockSolid has the ability to report on SQL Server backup histories for monitored instances.  These reports are generated from the data contained in the RockSolid repository and do not require backup history detail to still to retained on the relevant SQL Server instances.

Report on the last SQL Server Full Database Backup 

To run a report which lists the date/time, size and duration of the last full backup for each relevant database undertake the following steps:

  • Navigate to the Reports -> RockSolid Reports page
  • Choose the relevant level from the "Report Level" drop down.  This sets the scope of the report.  In this example we will choose instance level to run the report for a selected instance.
  • Choose the "Recoverability" option from the "Report Category" drop down to filter only recovery related reports.
  • Click Refresh to filter reports
  • From the matched set of reports choose the "Last Full Backup Detail" and choose the execute report icon.
  • Within this report parameters screen, choose the relevant options.
  • Click on the Print icon to generate the report preview

This report is grouped by day that the last backup occurred.  The groupings also show:

  • Databases backed up within 24 hours show with a green tick.
  • Databases backed up within 48 hours show with a Yellow exclamation.
  • Database backed up over 48 hours ago, or not at all, show with a red cross.

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