HOW TO: Detect CPU utlization over a pre-defined level

RockSolid typically analyses performance using its baseline functions, however in some cases it is also desirable to set specific KPIs for raising service requests.  This capability should however be used cautiously in large environments, as an incorrectly set range of KPIs may generate a large number of service requests.

In this particular example we will discuss how to enable range based KPI alerting for CPU utilisation over 95%.

To enable navigate to the appropriate level in your instance hierarchy and view the instance policy:

  • Select the performance tab
  • Switch the Enable Performance Ranges option on
  • In the Performance Metric drop down choose "CPU - Utlization"
  • In the max input box enter the desired maximum utilization % (e.g. 95%)
  • Click the Add button


On saving the instance policy RockSolid will raise high CPU alerts, independently of baseline alerting, for CPU utilization exceeding the configured level.



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