HOW TO: Raise Service Requests for Restarted Instances

If RockSolid is configured to monitor availability but default it will raise service requests for instances which are down/offline.  However these service requests will close automatically one the instance is brought back online.  If an instance is down for a brief period of time, the "Server Down" service request will only be open with the instance is not contactable.

However in some situations the DBA wants to be alerted to the occurrence of an instance going down even if this was only for a short period of time.  All instance restarts are logged as events within RockSolid, however in addition RockSolid can be configured to raise service requests for instances which have restarted but may not currently be down.

How To Configure Instance Restarted Service Requests

To enable instance restart service requests, the relevant instance(s) must be configured to run in the Locked Server mode.  This mode allows you to specify events, which by default do not raise RockSolid SR's, which will raise RockSolid SR's when in the locked configuration mode.

To do this:

  1. Navigate to the instance policy at the relevant level in the instance hierarchy.
  2. Choose the monitoring tab
  3. Enable the Locked Change Mode option
  4. Enable the Instance Restarts sub option
  5. Save the configuration.

Once this has been completed, all relevant instances will raise:

  • A "Server Down" service request while the instance is down
  • An "Instance Restarted" service request once the instance becomes back online.


Instance restarted service requests will not auto close and will require manual action to close the SR.


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