HOW TO: Detecting Disk Capacity Lower Than A Specific Threshold

RockSolid can be used to monitor and predict disk capacity across environments.  Various methods exist within RockSolid for doing this, including:

  • Predicting of capacity exhaustion
  • Threshold driven capacity alerts

Threshold driven capacity alerts

RockSolid allows specific capacity thresholds to be defined, when exceeded service requests will be raised.  Depending on the nature of the cause of exhaustion, the RockSolid operator may choose to have this type of issue either automatically or manually resolved.

To configure policy level disk thresholds:

  • Navigate to the appropriate level within your policy hierarchy
  • Click on the OS tab
  • Set Manage Disk Threshold to Manage
  • Enter a Min Free Space % value if required.
  • Enter a Min Free Space MB value if required.


When the disk free space falls below EITHER of these values a low disk space service request will be raised.


Additional considerations include:

  • Once raised, a low disk space alert can be assigned a priority based on the level of low disk space.  See setting severity.


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