CONCEPT: RockSolid Performance Baselining

Performance Baselining in RockSolid is a feature where RockSolid automatically learns normal patterns of usage for each database within the environment.  Performance Baselining is an effective method of alerting on the occurrence of performance related issue, across many metrics, for large deployments of SQL Server.  Alternate methods, such as specifying range based limits for each performance metric, are also supported by RockSolid however this approach is limited and often results in large numbers of invalid service requests being raised when used in large deployments.

Performance Baselines

For each performance metric captured by RockSolid, once sufficient data is available, RockSolid to start forming a baseline.  These baselines are formed for various periods that follow typical database usage patterns, namely:

  • A given day baseline
  • A day of week baseline
  • A time of month baseline

These baselines are then use as a comparison point going forward to identify and predict potential performance issues within an environment.


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