HOW TO: Enable RockSolid Automated Statistics Maintenance

Configuring RockSolid to automatically manage database statistics is a simple process which requires

  • A Statistics Maintenance Window to be defined
  • The Automated Database Statistics Maintenance policy options to be enabled.


Defining the Statistics Maintenance Window

To define the statistics maintenance window, go into the relevant level in the hierarchy where you wish to define the maintenance window and select the Calendar tab.

  • Within the relevant level in the calendar, add the "Maintenance (Consistency)" window for the period required for a dedicated statistics update window, or the Maintenance (Combined)" window type if you wish to add a maintenance window which also includes DBCC and index rebuilds.

Once the maintenance has been configure, you now need to enable the automated statistics management capability in the database policy settings.  To do this:

  • Navigate to the relevant level in the database hierarchy for where you wish to enable Automated Database Statistics maintenance.  Typically you would do this at the database bucket level but can also be applied in overlays or individual databases.
  • Go to the "Settings" tab to view the policy.
  • Choose the "Automation" tab and ensure "Auto Statistics Maintenance" is enabled


This completes the set up of automated database statistics maintenance.  However you may wish to alter the default settings to change behaviour of how RockSolid undertakes this maintenance, including:


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