HOW TO: Customise Parallelism During Index Maintenance

By default RockSolid will use the current parallelism setting configured for an instance during the index rebuild process.

Note: Parallelism can be automatically managed at the instance level by RockSolid. Please see the relevant documentation for this.

However, it is also possible to set a custom value for the MAXDOP setting to override the instance level parallelism. This is useful, for example, if you are running a limited parallelism scheme but want index maintenance to take full advantage of parallelism. Alternatively, this may also be useful if you have a very large number of CPUs allocated to an instance but you wish to limit the number of cores available to each index maintenance process.

Configuring the Automated Index Parallelism Setting
To configure this setting navigate to the relevant level in your database policy hierarchy. Then:

  • Select the Settings tab to view the policy definition.
  • Choose the performance tab
  • Within the Database Index Maintenance Section locate the “Set Automated Index Rebuild Parallelism” option. Set this to Enabled.
  • Within the MAXDOP text box enter the MAXDOP value you required. E.g. setting this to 0 will instruct RockSolid to use all CPU cores. Setting this to any other value will restrict to the number of CPU cores for the index process.

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