CONCEPT: Automated Database Statistics Maintenance

While SQL Server can automatically update database statistics, in well managed environments with good administration practice it is often preferred for this process to be instead managed by the administration team so these activities can be scheduled and controlled rather than this administration being undertaken ad-hoc by the database engine.

The two key approaches organisations can use when undertaking automated database statistics maintenance via RockSolid are as follows:

Fully Controlled Statistics Maintenance

In this approach statistics are managed by RockSolid maintenance jobs only and are not updated automatically by the database engine.  This gives the administration team full control over when and how statistics are updated and divests that responsibility from SQL Server.

To achieve this you should:

Semi-Controlled Statistics Maintenance

In this approach the administration team is attempting to avoid having SQL Server undertake automated statistics management, by preempting any automated management with good maintenance.  However this approach does not remove SQL Server's ability to update statistics if desired.  This allows the database engine to ad-hoc update statistics if it considers benefit in doing so.

To achieve this you should:


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