HOW TO: Enable Auto Fill Factor Calculation during Automated Index Maintenance

RockSolid has the option to automatically set the database fill factor. The fill factor setting is an index level option which specific how much free space (expressed as a %) SQL Server will attempt to leave on a page during index rebuilds. This option can be adjusted to help improve performance, in some cases, by reducing fragmentation and reducing I/O through reduced page splits.

To review and determine the optimal fill factor setting for every index in large environments becomes manually becomes an impractical challenge as many customers will have thousands to millions of database indexes within their environment. Therefore RockSolid provides an option to enable the automatic determination of the most appropriate fill factor setting based on the following rules.

  • Indexes which are heavily inserted but infrequently range scanned should have a lower fill factor.
  • Indexes which are heavily inserted and heavily range scanned should have a moderate fill factor.
  • Indexes which are lightly inserted and heavily range scanned should have a high fill factor.

How To Enable Auto Fill Factor during Automated Index Maintenance

To enable RockSolid to auto calculate the optimal fill factor for an index during index maintenance, follow the instructions below.

First navigate to the appropriate level in the policy hierarchy.

  • Go to the policy "Settings" tab.
  • Click on the "Performance" sub tab
  • Set the "Auto Set Fill Factor" option to Enabled



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