HOW TO: Enable RockSolid Automated Database Consistency Checks

This article discusses how to implement automated database consistency checks in RockSolid.  Note, the concepts discussed can be applied to a single database however for the purpose of this discussion it is assumed that you will be applying these settings at the group level, enabling database consistency checks for multiple databases.


In order to deploy database consistency checks from RockSolid each instance must have the "Allow Automated Management" option enabled.

Steps to Enable

Maintenance Window

To deploy database consistency checks you must have an appropriate maintenance window defined within your calendar.  Appropriate window types are either:

  • Maintenance (Consistency) - A dedicated window for database DBCC checks online.
  • Maintenance (Combined) - A combined maintenance window which includes index rebuilds, stats maintenance and DBCC checks.

Database Automation Settings

Once you have configured the relevant window(s) for database consistency checks to occur, you also need to enable the relevant database automation options.  To do this go into the relevant level within your database policy hierarchy.  From here go to the Settings table to examine policy settings.

  • Click on the Maintenance tab
  • Set the "Automatically Check DB Integrity" option to "Set"


This is all that is required to enable the deployment of database consistency checks.  However at this time you may also wish to configure other options which effect the automate database consistnecy check behaviour, including:


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