CONCEPT: RockSolid User Permission Sets

RockSolid Permission Sets allow user privileges to be granted to RockSolid user logins.  Permission Sets assign rights and functions within the RockSolid applications.

The following Permission Sets are configured in RockSolid by default:

Permission Set Function Within RockSolid
Database Administrator Typical Permission Set granted to DBA resources within RockSolid.  Allows users to administrate SQL Server Instances and override group level policies at the instance and database level.  Does not allow editing of group level policies.
Operational DBA Allows Service Requests to be actioned and resolution processes executed.  Allows visibility of all instance and policy information.  Does not allow changing of policies at any level.
Patching Manager Allows viewing of configured patching policies and the scheduling of the deployment of patches.  Does not allow changes to policy or actioning of service request resolution paths.
Power Users Allows viewing of all site objects, as well as configured DBA processes and resolution paths.  Does not allow changing of any policy or configuration (read only).
RockSolid Administrator System administrator for RockSolid.  Can view, edit and change any policy or configuration.
RockSolid Report User Can execute any report within RockSolid.  Cannot view other information.  Cannot change any policy or configuration setting (read only).
RockSolid User Can view basic instance and database information.  Cannot change any policy or configuration setting (read only).
Service Desk Can view and administrator any service request.  Can change assignment and service request severities as required.  Cannot change policy or configuration.
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