HOW TO: Adding RockSolid Users (Perpetual)

To add a use to RockSolid you must be logged in as a user with the following permissions:

  • RockSolid Administrator
  • Service Desk

 Adding users is achieved from the Security -> Manage Users screen.  To create a RockSolid user navigate to this screen and perform the following process:


  • From the Site drop down choose the relevant site for which the user will be created.  If you only have a single site this will default to the given site.
  • Ensure the user doesn't already exist, if not click the "Add User" icon.  This will take you to the add user screen.
  • To create a login user to RockSolid click the "User Requires System Login" check box.
  • Next within the "Login Name" text box enter the Windows login account name that is associated with the user.  This must be a user account not a group account.  This must be in format DOMAIN\USER.
  • Enter the users first and last names in the provided fields.
  • Other mandatory information in this form includes the users email address and default location (time zone).
  • Additional fields may be added now or at a later stage depending on requirements.


Click the save icon to create the RockSolid user.

Once the user has been created you can assign the required permissions in RockSolid via the Permissions tab.  Permissions must be assigned for the RockSolid user to have any but very basic permissions within the application.

  • Add the required permissions on the permissions tab.  For more information on permissions click here.
  • Once the permissions are added click save to update the user.

NOTE: By design you cannot change your own permissions.

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