HOW TO: Real-time Database Maintenance Job Deployment

Under normal circumstances RockSolid will deploy database jobs on a periodic basis via its database maintenance planner thread.  This is a background process which runs in a continuous fashion.  The database maintenance planner thread looks for changes in RockSolid and database configuration which affects how databases are being maintained.  Once changes are discovered, jobs are re-planned for an instance with relevant start times, duration and maintenance configurations re-calculated then deployed.

As this is a background thread potentially overseeing many tens if thousands of database jobs this can mean there is a slight delay between making changes and those changes being deployed to a given instance.  In some situations this is unacceptable when instead the DBA has an immediate requirement to deploy RockSolid database maintenance jobs.  In these situations you can use the interactive Real Time Job Deployment feature to plan database maintenance jobs interactively and deploy immediately.

How to Use

To deploy database maintenance jobs in real time first configure the database maintenance requirements as per normal.  Once complete to deploy:

  • Go to the Manage Instance screen for the relevant instance for which you wish to deploy the jobs
  • Go to the Status tab, then click on the Job Deployments tab

  • On this tab you will see the "Deploy Jobs Now" button.  Click this button to re-plan and deploy the database maintenance jobs.
  • After clicking the button to deploy a status popup will appear.  Here you can monitor the status of the real time job deployment.  Note, it may take 1-2 minutes to deploy the jobs.

  • At any point you can close this status screen and the job deployment will continue.

The final message within the status screen above will indicate how many jobs have deployed as a result of the real-time job planning.  If this is less than expected please review your job configuration to ensure your environment is configured as per your expectations.


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