HOW TO: Notify when a database is not part of an Availability Group

Databases are required to be added to a new or existing SQL Server Availability Group (SSAG) before the database can received the benefits from that SSAG.  However customer feedback has shown that DBAs may forget to add a database to a SSAG as simply creating the database on the primary SSAG node does not automatically add the database to the SSAG.

RockSolid helps to prevent this situation from occurring by allow the DBA team to configure an overlay which specifies that, by default, databases on a certain instance should be included within a SSAG.  Once this overlay is added, databases created on nodes with SSAG’s enabled, which are not participating in a SSAG will have configuration violation SR’s raised within the RockSolid console.

To add this overlay:

  • Create a new overlay called “Database not in SSAG”
  • Set the overlay -> Configuration -> “Database should be within an Availability Group” option to Yes
  • Under the Manage -> Database Buckets –> Auto Overlay screen, add the overlay to any Instances of SQL Server where this warning should be initiated.  This should be set to user databases only.

Once applied service requests will be raised when a database is created on the instances which have the overlay applied, when the database is not currently participating in an availability group.

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