RockSolid Agent Requirements

The system requirements for the installation of the RockSolidAgent software are:

Host System Requirements

  • A standalone Windows server host, either physical or virtual
  • A server/PC that has at a the .NET Framework 3.5 installed (or later)
  • HTTPS connection out via the internet to the secure RockSolid web service (details will be provided to you).
  • At least 5GB of free disk space for temporary agent files
  • Windows Server 2008 or later

Service Account Requirements

The RockSolid agent is a Windows service and this runs in the context of a Windows domain account on your network.  This account requires certain privileges to be able to manage the SQL Server systems under it's control.  These include:

For Each SQL Server Instance

  • Assignment of SQL Server System Administrator rights for every SQL Server instance to be monitored or managed by the RockSolid software.
  • Local windows administrator rights for every Windows host being monitored by the RockSolid software.

The RockSolidAgent Host

  • The service account should also have with Local Administrator rights to the RockSolidAgent host
  • This account should also have the ability to log in as a service to the RockSolidAgent host

These account details for this windows domain login are never transmitted over the internet.

Reducing Assigned Rights

It is possible to run the RockSolid agent with reduced rights however this will require a higher level of pre-configuration.  For more details visit this topic here.


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