RockSolid Agent Installation (SaaS/Perpetual)

The RockSolid Agent is required to be installed on each network domain and/or fire-walled network segment where SQL Server hosts exists, which are to be monitored by the RockSolid software.


The following prerequisites should be met before beginning the installation of the RockSolid software.

  • To install a RockSolid agent please allocation a suitable host that meets the RockSolid Agent system requirements.  Then follow these instructions:
  • Prior to installation you will need to obtain the RockSolidAgent setup MSI. You should obtain this from the latest RockSolidAgent setup download.
  • The hostname of the Windows server where you are installing the RockSolidAgent
  • A Windows domain service account to run the RockSolidAgent service as, that meets the specified RockSolidAgent service account security requirements.
  • On the Windows host where the RockSolidAgent is to be installed create an empty directory named RockSoldiAgentTemp.  This should be created on a disk which has at least 10GB free disk space available.

Installation process

Please use the following process for installing the RockSolidAgent software.

  • Install the RockSolidAgent using the supplied setup MSI.  Follow the installation process and install to the default set up path unless you wish to change it to a different drive (if you change make note of this for later use).
  • From the Windows Services control panel, change the RockSolidAgent service account to the Windows Domain account allocated above.
  • Also from the Windows Services control panel, ensure the RockSolidAgent account is set to start automatically.

Do not start the RockSolid Agent service yet.  For this next section you will need to log in to the RockSolid software.  

RockSolid Agent Configuration

To configure the RockSolidAgent log into the RockSolid software via the URL supplied at signup, as a RockSolid login account that has RockSolid Administrator privileges.

  • Once logged in, go to the Sites -> RockSolid Agents menu option.
  • Choose the site in the drop down for the site where this agent will be created.  If you have a single site leave this as the default option.
  • Click New Server and enter the Windows host name that that RockSolidAgent was installed on above.
  • Click Add Agent

This process has now created the RockSolidAgent within your RockSolid environment.  Prior to starting the RockSolidAgent we need to configure the agent and then download the configuration file to the RockSolidAgent host.

  • Click the 'edit' button for the relevant RockSolid agent to edit the configuration.
  • In the Agent Working Directory enter the full path to the RockSolidAgentTemp directory created above.
  • Leave all other options configured to default.
  • Click the SAVE icon to commit the changes.

Now that we have configured the RockSolidAgent we need to download the RockSolidAgent configuration file to the RockSolidAgent host.  To do this:

In the RockSolidAgent configuration screen within the RockSolid software, click the "Download Agent Config" button.  This will start the download of the RockSolidAgentConfig.xml file.

This files should be saved in the RockSolidAgent application installation directory.  Normally this will be C:\Program Files (x86)\RockSolid SQL\RockSolidAgent\ directory unless you changed during the install.

You will be prompted as to if you wish to overwrite the existing file.  Click YES to overwrite.

This completes the RockSolidAgent installation.  You can now start the RockSolidAgent service to begin the monitoring of SQL Server installations configured within the RockSolid software.

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