FIX: Database reindexing occasionally fails due to log backup job

Issue #: 201706221


The RockSolid database reindex job on occasion fails with "The log backup job is already running" error.  This prevents database re-index running successfully for a given database.


RockSolid database reindexing periodically executes addition database transaction log backups during the reindexing cycle.  To do this the job checks if the log backup is running before issuing a subsequent start request.  However on busy systems, on occasion when checking the log backup job state it may be queued, that is not yet running but technically already started.  Previously the reindexing job would see this as not running, therefore attempting to start the log backup and receiving an error.


This has been fixed in RockSolidAgent builds created after 22-June-2017, please update your RockSolidAgent release to resolve.


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