How To: View Stored Procedure Execution History

Within RockSolid you can view the number of stored procedure executions within a specified date range.  This is useful for understanding if the use of a specific stored procedure is changing.  This information is only available if you are using RockSolid to monitor SQL Server database engine performance.

To view how the number of stored procedure executions is changing over time:

  • Go to the instance in RockSolid that you are wishing to view execution details for.
  • Select the Analysis Tab
  • Select the Ad-Hoc sub tab
  • Choose "StoredProc - Total Executions " from the "Metric" drop down
  • Chose the database and stored procedure name from the "Sub" drop down
  • Choose the Start and End date range that you are interested in comparison for
  • Select a "Linear regression" trend analysis to help indicate if number of executions is increasing

You should see a graph similar to that below:


In this example, we can see the number of executions fluctuates quite significantly during the use of the application.  We can see however that in general the number of executions over the selected time period has increased slightly.

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