CHANGE: 20171222 Database Level Memory Monitoring

Affected Component: RockSolid Agent

Date: 20171222:


A standard performance monitoring feed in RockSolid is database level memory allocations.  This collects data from the sys.dm_os_buffer_descriptors system view.

It has been noted by some customers than on SQL Server instances with very large memory allocations, the monitoring feed collecting this data can take a long time (1-5 minutes) and show as a long running query.  While this is not expected to cause any system impact, being a long running query is causing confusion with application support teams who may incorrectly identify this query as the source of some other performance issue.

In this change we prevent the RockSolid monitoring agent from collecting database level memory allocations for instances with more than 256GB of memory allocated. This ensures that the query is only run when the expectation is that it will complete in less than 1 minute.

In a later release it is expected that this upper limit will be configurable.

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