CONCEPT: Service Request Statuses

Service requests have a defined status, this is used for tracking service requests throughout the resolution process.  In RockSolid a statuses may be set by the automation engine or users.  The following table provides details of the various statuses:

Status System/User  Description
READY S,U A service request has been created, but no action has yet been taken on the request by either a user or the RockSolid automation engine.
INPROGRESS S,U A service request is being actively worked on.  A user must assign the service request to in-progress to update, any actions performed by the RockSolid automation engine will put the service request into the in-progress status also.
WAITING U A user selectable status.  This means the service request is not currently being worked upon as the resolver is waiting for another party.  The details of the SR should be updated to provide more details on the nature of the wait.
ONHOLD U A user selectable status.  This means that the service request remains valid, however resolution is not being sorted at this time.  This allows visibility of the issue causing the SR to be raised in the open SR reports.
COMPLETED S,U The service request is closed.  This occurs when the underlying condition causing the SR to be created has been successfully resolved.  Any action relating from RockSolid automation that resolves the underlying SR condition will set the SR to the completed status.
CANCELLED U This indicates the SR was not valid and therefore has been cancelled.  Generally this should only be used for user created service requests.  Any undesired RockSolid raised service requests should be resolved by updating policy, as cancelling will likely cause such SR's to be re-raised unless policy is also updated.
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