HOW TO: Disable RockSolid Monitoring without Removing an Instance

At various times it is necessary to disable monitoring for a particular SQL Server instance in RockSolid.  This may be either temporarily, while undertaking a change or some form of testing, or permanently when an instance is decommissioned.  One method of doing this is to delete the instance from RockSolid, however this will cause all historical data and configuration to be lost.  As an alternative a non-monitored group can be created which sets member instances to non-monitored, with monitoring re-commencing when moved back into a monitored group.

While it is possible to disable monitoring at the instance level, it is highly recommended that a group be set up for this purpose.  To do this:

  • Create a new Instance Group.  Call this "Not Monitored" or something similar so this is clearly identifiable as instances not being actively monitored by RockSolid.
  • Edit the group and go to the "Policy" tab
  • Choose the "Monitoring" sub tab
  • Disable all the monitoring and automated management options as shown in the graphic.

Now any instances added to this instance group will not inherit monitoring settings from higher levels in the instance hierarchy.  

NOTE: If you have enabled monitoring settings directly at the instance level these will have to be cleared before monitoring is disabled for those instances.

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