HOW TO: Add a Secondary Site in RockSolid

Adding a secondary site is straight forward in RockSolid.  A secondary site is a site which is a child of the current site for which the creating user is logged in to.  In RockSolid every site apart from the site for which the user login exists in is considered a secondary site.  Secondary sites will inherit the Service Provider settings of the primary site(s) for which they are created under.

Adding a Secondary Site

  1. Go to Sites -> Sites/Customers
  2. Click the + symbol to go into the Create Site screen.
  3. Enter the Site Name in the Company Name field
  4. Enter a unique code in the Company Short Code field.  This short code is used to abbreviate the site name in the UI when limited space is available so should be a code that allows you to recognise the relevant site.
  5. Optionally, add a logo for the site if you want this to show in RockSolid reports.
  6. Optionally, make this site a service provider.  You should only do this if this site will itself have users created within the site who will be managing their own configuration policies.  If this is not the case, leave this option unchecked.
  7. Optionally, define a site policy.  This is the policy that will override the current service provider policy for instances within this site.  You can do this now or later.
  8. Hit Save to create the site.


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